Noel Cruz Art presents
Lynda Carter as Wonder Woman 
Custom Tonner repaint Wonder Woman
Custom one-of-a-kind repaint by Noel Cruz. 
based upon the 1970's hit series Wonder Woman

Formerly A 16-inch Tonner production doll, this doll art includes the following features:

* full facial repaint, completely precision hand repainted featuring three dimensional repaint/shading/highlighting on eyes, eyebrows, and lips to faithfully transform the doll into the accurate and life-like likeness of Lynda Carter as Wonder Woman. Careful attention has been given to replicate the nuances of her features.

* custom hair/wig rework

* Repainted areas are sealed using artist-grade acrylics and sealers

* Original Tonner box is missing but doll will ship in a regular brown shipping box

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