Strike a Pose Madonna

Noel Cruz's latest repaint and restyle is non other than the ionic musician and songstress Madonna. In 1990 Madonna performed (albeit a lip sync) Vogue at the MTV Music Awards. This generic sculpt Tonner doll was stripped of it's original paint and then repainted as the material girl, painstakingly, by Cruz. He also restyled the wig and then permanently adhered it to the doll.  A custom made gown by Тамара Гердлер (Tamapa) further sealed the replication of Madonna Ciccone and here you see the final product along with some photographs along the way. All the photographs were taken by Cruz himself.  Graphics and layouts by who also does Noel's web site,  Cruz created this one of a kind doll for his own private collection. You can see more of Noel's work at


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