Lindsay Wagner, a repaint, re-root and re-styled TONNER by Noel Cruz.

If you are a fan of Noel Cruz's work (his repaints of celebrities in doll form) then you may have seen or visit his web site ( and noticed that Noel is a huge fan of Lindsay Wagner. Wagner was the 70's iconic "Jaime Sommers" of THE BIONIC WOMAN. Wagner also won an Emmy for her portrayal of Sommers in the three season series and went onto to multiple films for television after that series ended. But Cruz, as a small boy in the Philippines was transfixed by Lindsay. Growing up poor, Noel was able to watch THE BIONIC WOMAN at a neighbors home. He was constantly sketching Lindsay. Often touting Lindsay as his "muse." Cruz has met Lindsay on four occasions and has also present her with one of his drawings. Most recently Cruz visit with Lindsay last week. Cruz has now completed one of a series of Lindsay's he will repaint for his own personal collection. For more on Lindsay visit her official web site by clicking the banner below.


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