Noel Cruz's Cheryl Ladd

The beautifully talented Cheryl Ladd, as repainted by Noel Cruz dressed as Grace Kelly. Ladd portrayed Grace Kelly in the television movie, GRACE KELLY in 1983.

Cheryl Ladd, in one sixth scale, was a doll created by Mattel and repainted and styled by artist Noel Cruz.
Cheryl Ladd kept Charlie's Angels riding high after Fawcett left as her little sister Kris Munroe. Fawcett guested for six more episodes from season 3-5 but Ladd made her mark. Ladd went on to other series including films as Grace Kelly, appearances on NCIS, CSI: Miami, Hope & Faith, Las Vegas and films such as Love's Everlasting Courage, and Eve's Christmas. Ladd is also an avid golfer with an impressive game. She's also the author of "Token Chick."
Visit Cheryl's official web site for all the latest and to be in the know for what she's got coming up next!
Cheryl's official site;
Noel Cruz not only repaints the dolls but styles/cuts and perfects each dolls hair to resemble the celebrity he has repainted.
Ladd as painted and styled by artist Noel Cruz ( for


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